It’s PBS Radio Fest, which means the entire station is driving for subscribers. The Blend’s Bevin and Emeylene took some time off from singing the praises of PBS on-air to put together a Main Stream of rad tracks to convince you to chuck them some money.

Bevin Campbell:

Boxwork – ‘Drive Left’
Drive Left is the debut LP from Boxwork released on Shades Recordings, a label operated by Fybe:one, Owen Howells & Herse. It is an incredibly original, musical, culturally and stylistically diverse album coming straight from the soul – “This record is my mind represented in music. My hopes and fears, my ups and downs, committed to wax.” There are both the deeper elements on here as well as tracks for the rave. 

Jonwayne – ‘Rap Album Two’
Jonwayne is not shy to reveal his true self, and this album does just that! An exercise is coming sober and facing all the emotions within. An incredibly brave, raw and real hip hip album that features Scoop DeVille, Zeroh, D-Styles, Mndsgnand on his own Authors Recording Company, having previously moved on from Stones Throw. 

Throwing Snow – ‘Embers’
In this internet age it is so so hard to unearth fresh and original sounding material, to find those producers that don’t imitate but rather innovate. Throwing Snow, real name Ross Tones, is one such artist. This is the second LP released on Houndstooth, a label you should be familiar with if not already (see Special Request for one!). Again like the Boxwork release, this is a diverse album that is difficult to categorise in brief, but is deeply emotive and will leave you agasp, pondering and reflecting on the journey experienced. So rather than try to define, I’ll leave you with a quote from Ross – “There is self-similarity over all scales and time frames, but nothing is exactly repeated because everything has its own life story. We are always at the mercy of entropy, that slow decline into disorder, towards death. It is the process that the delivers the raw material back to the start, allowing new lives to be born. Life comes from the embers of death.”  

Luke Vibert – ‘Luke Vibert Presents UK Garagve Vol. 1’
Vibert can do no wrong! Clearly this veteran producer is a master of his craft, not sticking to any one genre and producing under a myriad of aliases (see Amen Andrews, which is probably one of our fav’s) and having released under many of the cult labels. This one will take you straight back to the rave with a BIG nod to the “era of M25 convoys, mobile phone hotlines and raving amongst dogs on strings in British aerodrome fields,” full of “imaginatively used samples, familiar piano riffs, customary beats and other rave tropes.” All smiles in the dance :)

Fracture’s label Astrophonica, delivers a tasting plate of the hottest producers and freshest sounds across the bass music spectrum, from half time to footwork, dnb and jungle. Producers containted herein include dBridge, DJ Earl, Stray, Philip D Kick guise — and newcomers — Lewis James, Tusais, Touchy Subject, Tehbis. Much akin to Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label, this is a label to follow intently. “Gradients is a glorious celebration of Astrophonica’s growth as well as its stylistic roots and forward-thinking ethos. Each of the 13 tracks has been tested in the clubs for the past year to ensure an all-killer-no-filler experience.”

Emelyne Khor:

Henry Wu – ‘Deep In The Mudd’ ft Banton
Henry Wu does it again with Banton for one of my fav releases this year! Eglo Records always delivers. Henry Wu is so diverse with past releases having a fresh approach to that nu jazz/soul feel mixing in broken beats to house and other bits inbetween. The pair also have another great record released this year on Japanese label Speed Of Sound

Fizzy Veins – ‘Kool Down/Bedroom Badman’
This 2 track 7″ has been on repeat for me all year! Coming from Cologne on new label Bedroom Badman. The guys who run the label dig deep for those rare gems and have amazing mixes online. Fizzy also does and his previous releases are very different from this so fans of his work may not expect this. I love the mix of the dancehall/jungle and break beat influence to this. Don’t really know how to explain it.

Ogoya Nengo And The Dodo Womens Group – ‘Bunde Dub’ (Orson Remix)
Orson puts his signature dubstep sound to this incredible track. Love the drums and the heavy bass of course. It’s fun to play out when people do crazy dance moves.

Sofatalk – ‘Hypnotize’ (K15 Remix)
And another huge track for me this year which I still can’t get enough of. K15 has given the original a fresh and phunky 2step feel. I love the bass, heavy broken beats and dubbed out sirens and samples. Sofatalk and K15 are 2 of my fav producers which always seem to stay ahead of the game crossing multi genres and mixing a bunch of influences which always makes listening exciting. K15 has a few different alias’ so you may not know it’s him! Both have new releases out now!

Hector Plimmer – ‘Kalimba’
Not only a very knowledgeable and incredible dj but visual artist and producer too! I first heard this beautiful track a few years ago before it was officially released on vinyl and it’s still one of my favs. The rhythms, the drums, the bass, just everything. Comes on a special 7″ with artwork from Hector and also on his debut albumn Sunshine. 

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