This edition of the Main Stream comes from the ice-cool Aeora, who’s pulling back the curtain and sharing her “Top Female Influencers” via digital stream.

Lorde – ‘Sober II’
Lorde has been such a huge influence on me. She was kind of the first artist that actually made me realise what kind of music I wanted to make. I’ve been hanging out for this album (like millions of others).

BANKS – ‘Brain’
This song always hits me hard. It’s so, so cool and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were always my favourite song for the rest of my life.

Sia – ‘Free the Animal’
Sia’s vocal takes are probably the best quality vocal takes on radio right now. Her vocals are so outstanding and I just love the fearlessness of her. Definitely inspiring to see her use her voice in such strong way – especially right now when there’s not that many vocalists really belting it in songs anymore.

TĀLĀ – ‘Alchemy’
When I’m looking for some cool production ideas, I usually head to this girl’s music, because she has some wacky ideas that work really well. It also help’s that she has some really powerful vocal ideas as well.

Raye – ‘Shhh’
Okay so yes this is the same girl who sings on that song ‘You Don’t Know Me’. But this song is so much cooler. All I can say is listen out for the key changes. Raye has such a power about her.

Björk – ‘Blake Lake’
How could I not talk about female influencers without mentioning Björk? She is one of the most innovative females in music and I know so many people that look up to her. Me being one of them – This particular song influenced a lot of music for me. It’s a long one, but totally worth it.

Aeora’s single Fencelines is out now.