The Creases have done us a solid and put together a list of great streamable music. Thanks, the Creases!

Beach Fossils – ‘Tangerine’
One of my favourite releases of the year. It features Rachael Goswell of Slowdive and was co-written by one of my idols Caroline Polachek. What a dream team! This whole record just gets better and better with every listen too.

The Horrors – ‘Machine’
I’ve been a Horrors fan for as long as I can remember and I’m so pumped that they are putting another record out this year. This first taste of it is something a lot more industrial and different for them again and I’m hoping the rest of the record follows this path.

Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir – ‘Like A Ship (Without A Sail)’
I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it a few years ago and it became a pretty heavy influence in a lot of the ways we approached backing vocals on our record.

Pale Saints – ‘Language Of Flowers’
Another pretty influential band for me. I think Pale Saints are one of the most underrated bands from the 80/90s UK shoegazey era and they’d probably sit higher for me than other more recognized bands like My Bloody Valentine & Slowdive. Really recommend listening to their first two records!

Blur – ‘Out Of Time’
Pretty difficult to choose one Blur song to list here but this is probably my favourite at this moment (it changes weekly). This song reminds me of a pretty derelict share house I used to live in with a revolving door of housemates and party goers that often had Blur soundtracking most of the late nights there.

Bus Vipers – ‘CSIRO Weeds’
I’m super into this track from Sydney artist Bus Vipers at the moment. I don’t know too much about them but am really keen to see them play at Volumes festival in Sydney soon.

Spiritualized – ‘Soul On Fire’
Another one of my favourite songs of all time. I’ve been lucky enough to see Spiritualized a couple of times, each of them being a life changing experience for me. This song more than others has always really resonated with me at those shows.

Matt Maltese – ‘As The World Caves In’
One of my favourite new artists and songs of this year. He reminds me a lot of Jarvis Cocker of PULP (my idol) and this accompanying video is also quite brilliant. Looking forward to a full album from this guy.

The Creases’ debut album Tremolow is out now.

08/09 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide
09/09 – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth
15/09 – Howler, Melbourne
16/09 – The Lair, Sydney
22/09 – The Zoo, Brisbane

The Creases: