Au Dré are behind the controls of this week’s Main Stream. Audrey and James are a dynamic duo with extensive and eclectic musical experience, about to birth their debut EP into the world. A great excuse to learn how to type an ‘e’ with an accent. They did us a Friday favour and selected some of their favourite streamable tunes you can hear, right here, right now.

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B.Slade – ‘Pull Up’
Audrey: B.Slade is possibly the best singer in the whole world and without a doubt my favourite. STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING and immediately watch all of the Youtube clips of him singing live… WARNING you will be in tears, well I always am even though I’ve watched them all 1000 times. When I discovered he is also an incredible producer my mind was blown and I had to listen to this record and nothing else for about 3 months. This is one of my favourite tracks off his 2015 album DeLorean

Lone – ‘Airglow Fires’
James: Incredibly creative, tasteful production and wild harmonic language. Amazing sounds and a great vibe all round. Nothing not to love.

Kendra Foster – ‘Promise to Stay Here’
Audrey: This song just dropped and James and I equally feel “it’s our jam.” It makes me wanna do all sorts of things at all different times of day in all different places… I discovered Kendra through her work on D’Angelo’s recent masterpiece “Black Messiah” which she was heavily involved in as both a songwriter and backing vocalist. Kendra Foster… I worship your boundless swagger and divine voice!

Christopher Williams – ‘I’m Dreamin’
James: I don’t know what else to say other than that this is my JAM. Huge vocal sound, beautifully earnest emotional melodic writing and a groove that just wont quit.

Betty Carter – ‘Tight’
Audrey: The first genre of music that really captivated me and still does is Jazz. I remember when I first started playing Trumpet aged 12 and my mum bought me a compilation CD called “The Best of Jazz Trumpet,” which had recordings of Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Chet Baker amongst others and all I wanted to was learn to play this music. Betty Carter is one of my favourite Jazz singers and improvisers ever. Her spirit and energy is enthralling and she is a truly unique artist unlike anyone else.

Snarky Puppy feat. Jacob Collier – ‘Don’t You Know’
James: I’ve always been super impressed by Jacob (see his cover of “Close to You”, unbelievable) and hearing his mind orchestrated to a large ensemble of live musicians is a real treat. His piano playing is simply beautiful and his voice/vocal effects usage is one of a kind and super soulful.

DXHeaven – ‘Define’
Audrey + James: Nicholas Lam a.k.a. DXHeaven is one of our best friends and biggest influences. He is not only an incredible slick and sophisticated producer but also a phenomenal guitarist (you might recognise him as lead guitarist from Melbourne’s Jaala) and he has mixed all of our tracks to date. His music is extraordinary and we are constantly inspired by it!!

Au Dré are launching their debut EP at the Gasometer on May 13th.

Au Dré: