Gold Class are top-shelf. The Melbourne four-piece has just put out new single Kids On Fire, and to really hammer the point home, guitarist Evan James Purdey has put together this selection of streamable favourites.

Richard Dawson — ‘Wooden Bag’
We were introduced to Richard Dawson’s damaged folk-isms by a sound person in Glasgow who maybe sensed our limited enthusiasm for playing to three people after an eight hour drive. I’m not saying that hearing it made everything immediately better, but it’s definitely helped in the long run. I’ll be attempting to rip off his guitar playing with limited success for years to come.

Sheer Mag — ‘Fan The Flames’
Full disclosure: I hadn’t listened to this band before I saw them cropping up on some of the other playlists on this site. And now they’re basically all I want listen to. I think we were maybe meant to play with them somewhere and it didn’t happen… I am consumed with regret.

You Beauty — ‘Same Damn Thing’
Great band, great song. We finally got to see them recently and it was worth the wait. Featuring some very tasty bass work from one Flyn Mckinnirey.

Dej Loaf — ‘Desire’
Dej Loaf tends to make an appearance via the aux cable when the alcohol-to-sentimentality ratio is veering dangerously towards the latter. Usually preceded by “you’re gonna love this” and often met with bemusement or indifference. Occasionally conversion. Anyway, now you can all have that exact same conversation sober. Thanks to Sara Retallick for introducing us to Queen Dej.

The Isley Brothers — ‘Ohio/Machine Gun’
Given the collective face-plant the world seems intent on doing at the moment this seems like a fairly appropriate tune. Also I find it’s just good music for listening to while walking around in shitty weather. Thanks to Matt Bailey for the heads up on this one.

Hey Colossus — ‘Hop The Railings’
Relatively subdued for these noisy folks but the flat-tire motorik thing they’ve got going here is right up my alley. Recommended for when you’re usually exceedingly polite, but right now you need to scream obscenities at Audi drivers.

Stina Tester and Cinta Masters — ‘Deep Sleep’
Still yet to see them play but I can’t wait to catch them next month. By all reports it’s mind-blowing stuff. Bonus points for the synth solo/breakdown here.

Angel Olsen — ‘Sister’
You know when you unconsciously need to hear something specific but can’t put your finger on what it is and then it shows up, and you think “Oh, right. Of course.” Well this is filling some apparently crucial void for me right now. Equal first for my song of the year so far, with Blood Orange’s ‘E.V.P.’ and The Drones ‘Then They Came For Me’. Everyone wins.

Gold Class are playing at The Tote in Melbourne Friday 14th and Saturday 15th October—but they’re both sold out already, so bad luck.

Gold Class:

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