Australia’s answer to Calvin Harris, Adam Friedman and Sammy Alderson (formerly Urban Problems, now Cookie Cutters) were our guests this week! We got into the nitty gritty of what it means to separate art from the artist, why French Montana should have been left off his own album and a seven year old’s first crush on Britney Spears.

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New Music
Skepta – Hypocrisy
Ty Dolla $ign – Love U Better feat. Lil Wayne and The-Dream
Lana Del Rey – Groupie Love feat. A$AP Rocky
David Guetta feat. Justin Bieber – 2U
French Montanna

Hot or Not
Taylor Swift avoiding paparazzi by hiding in a suitcase
Chance The Rapper ‘saves’ Soundcloud
Disney couldn’t find POC to star in Aladdin lol

What The?
R Kelly running a cult?

Kardashian Time
So Rob and Kylie are doing a sock collab
Caitlyn Jenner considering entering politics


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